Medical Weight Loss Clinic

If you have struggled with your weight, you know the results you experience on a specific diet may not be the same as another person's. With the proper support of a medical weight loss clinic you can get through the hard days with a minimum impact on your progress. Everyone's body burns calories differently, and it can be very frustrating to see other people succeeding while you seem to be maintaining, or worse, gaining weight.

Because a commitment to wellness is necessary for successful weight loss, it is important to ensure you have a good support system and a positive mental outlook on your health and your weight loss program. The staff at a medical weight loss clinic will evaluate your health and provide instructions on correct eating habits and exercise to achieve positive weight loss results. Dr. Charles A. Middelhof, founder of the MPowered Physician Guided Weight Loss Management program, has helped more than 4,800 people achieve their goals of having a healthier body by educating them on new ways of thinking about nutrition and by teaching them new habits for eating and exercise. Ninety-five percent of his patients have been successful in sustaining their weight loss by following his recommendations for a new lifestyle.

At Middelhof's medical weight loss clinic, patients are give instructions designed to help them break old habits that could be detrimental to their goals. Dr. Middelhof can help patients change negative thought patterns to better achieve permanent weight loss. Middelhof's staff will perform an extensive evaluation of your health before starting any weight loss program and will design a personalized program tailored to your body’s specific needs.

Regular evaluations are a key part of a successful weight loss program, and not just a measure of how much weight you’ve lost. For those who are obese or on medication for certain physical conditions, the loss of weight indicates a change in the level of medication. Some medications could possibly be eliminated altogether. Dr. Middelhof and the staff at his medical weight loss clinic will take regular evaluations of your overall health as you progress through the weight loss program and make adjustments to dietary recommendations, exercises, and any medications if necessary to keep you moving toward your goal of health and wellness.

As a family physician with disciplines in bariatric medicine and clinical psychology, Dr. Middelhof monitors your physical health, addresses the psychological issues that come with being overweight, and helps you adjust to a new self image as your health improves. Dr. Middelhof and the staff at his medical weight loss clinic provide the support you need by giving positive reinforcement for the good habits you are learning.

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