1 Serving of Grains looks like...
1 cup cereal = a fist
1 pancake = a CD
1/2 cup of cooked rice, pasta or potato = 1/2 baseball
1 piece of cornbread = a bar of soap


1 Serving of Veggies and Fruits looks like...
1 cup salad greens = a baseball
1 med. fruit = 1 baseball
1/2 cup of fresh fruit = 1/2 baseball
1 baked potato = a fist
1.4 raisins = 1 large egg


Serving of Fat looks like...
1 tsp of butter = 1 die

1 Serving of Protein looks like...
3 oz of beef, fish or poultry = a deck of cards
3 oz. of grilled or baked fish = a check book
2 tbsp of peanut butter = a ping pong ball


1 Serving of Dairy looks like...
1 1/4 oz cheese = a stack of 4 dice or 2 slices
1/2 cup ice cream = 1/2 baseball

Source: Department of Health and Human Services, Visit Site

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