Francine LaDuca


Results: Lost 21 lbs in 3-months


After I had my daughter 4-years ago, losing weight was so difficult for me. I tried everything from calorie counting, cutting out soda, trying to exercise every day, but nothing worked. I was actually gaining rather than losing. It became very discouraging. Finally, I spoke to my obstetrician and recommended seeing Dr. Middelhof for some help. From that point on, I saw dramatic changes. Weight was melting off, my clothes became large, and finally my knees, back and ankles were pain free. I eat healthier, exercise at lest an hour each day and still eat the things I enjoy in moderation or very limited. Overall, I am ecstatic about the outcome. I am still losing weight, and only have about 10-12 lbs. to go before I am the size I was on my wedding day. I feel amazing!


Becky Stevens. Age 43

Lost 112 pounds in 6 months


I started here in May 14, 2010. Today is November 18, 2010.


I weighed 342 pounds, and I was in terrible physical and mental health. Because of my weight, I was borderline diabetic, I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I couldn't enjoy my children. I missed out on so much while they were growing up.


Since joining Allure, I've gained so much. I have energy to enjoy my family. We are all eating better and drinking water instead of soda. All of my physical health is so much better. I can walk and not get out of breath. Before I couldn't walk across my living room. I couldn't even get up off my couch without the help of my kids as something to hold on to.


Now, I exercise everyday and I love it. Thank You Dr. Middelhof and Allure staff for giving me a life, because you truly saved mine. If anyone takes the time to read this and you are interested in making a life change, please go with your thoughts. It is amazing how you will feel and how your life will change for the better. I thank God every day for the gift he has given me to have enough sense to try this program.


I have a better outlook on life. I now have a life. I will see my children grow up. I will see my grandchildren grow up. I will some day help my daughter into her wedding dress. Where 6 months ago I couldn't say that. But I'm saying it now. I would love to talk to anyone who is having any doubts about this program. The Dr.'s office knows how to get a hold of me.


P.S. I'm 43 years old, and my life is just beginning.




Mark is a current Weight Management Patient.  He has lost over 65 lbs.




Madea is a current Weight Management Patient.  She has lost over 65 lbs.



Tracy is a current Weight Management Patient.  He has lost over 30 lbs.




BeforeTracy AfterTracy


Mike Richardson


When I read the article in the paper of you all going on a mission to Costa Rica, part of me was very surprised; but a larger part of me immediately thought this would be the type of thing each of you would do for someone else.


As a new patient, it didn't take me but one visit to determine I had made a great choice for a health care provider. Dr. Middelhof, you and your entire staff are kind, friendly, willing to go the extra step to help your patients, and very professional. Each visit I feel more like a family member as I do a patient. It's clear to see I am treated as a friend and not just another patient. It's a wonderful feeling to go to the doctor and know that I am in good hands by caring people.


So this is what I meant at the beginning of this when I said that part of me wasn't surprised. The unselfish act each of you illustrated by going to Costa Rica in an attempt to help these people clearly show each of you are true and genuine humanitarians. I applaud your effort and it shows that there are still good people in this world. I truly wish that more people had the kindness, generosity, and diginity that each of you have. Imagine if the world was all about doing for others or treating others the way they want to be treated, I could only guess that hate, jealousy, and wrong doing would see a significant decrease and this world could become a better place for everyone.


Dr. Middelhof, I sincerely thank you, Jackie, Cameron and your ENTIRE staff for what you do and for what you stand for and the way you represent the medical profession. But more so, thanks to each of you for being my friend and for providing me with the BEST health care I have ever had or thought possible.


In closing, I just want to add that I was, and still am, very proud to say, "that's my doctor in that picture, they're going to Costa Rica to help people, isn't that great?" Of course, the main response I got was “You don't see many people doing something like that for others, especially doctors.” I will keep you guessing what my response back was.


Jay Hepner

Lost 54 pounds in 5 months


I started with the program on August 14, 2010. I had already lost 14 pounds, in part to the physical activity required, when I laid a 12 foot by 48 foot stone patio. I thought while I had this good start, why not continue. I know, however, that I would need help, and I sure found it at Allure. If you do what you're supposed to do you will lose weight, but the even more important goal of good health will also be achieved. I still had a ways to go. But when I started the patio, I weighed around 308 pounds. I now weigh in at the 246 pound range and I hope to finish at 200 pounds. I should also state that in the beginning I was taking approximately 11 pills a day for sugar, high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. I now take five scripts for everything.




Weight Loss: 29.4 lbs. in 8 months


This has been a great program for me. I had to get my eating habits under control. With the help of medicine, exercise and lifestyle change, I have almost reached my goal. Another thing that helped me is I need to be accountable to someone for my weight. The once a month weight check up helped me. The Lipoplex Shots also helped. I have a lot more energy. I have cleaned my house from the attic to the basement. Once I meet my goal, the challenge will be to keep doing what I am doing now and keep the weight off.


Kim B.


Weight Loss: 32.5 lbs. in 6 months


When I started this program, the arthritis in my hips and knees was so severe I had difficulty walking up the stairs to my room at night. I am proud to say I have now worked up to walking 3.6 miles every morning. I started small and I am working my way to being fit and fabulous! My knees still hurt, but nothing like in the past. This Spring, my daughters and I will participate in our first ever 5K race for breast cancer. Even after open gastric bypass surgery, I lost weight and was able to keep most of it off. However, I never got “into” a regular exercise program. Now, I like look forward to walking and working out. It improves my mood and has helped lift my spirits. My orthopedist is thrilled with my weight loss and the improvements in my knees. I look better and feel better. I am motivated to take control of my health and fitness. What an awesome feeling!


Clarence E. Dokes, Jr.


Weight Loss: 79 lbs in 5 ½ months


At first, I thought losing the weight would be healthier for me, but I've discovered it's done much more. Yes, I'm healthier, but I'm also the happiest I've ever been. Don't get me wrong. I loved myself and thought my life was great. It just felt like something needed to be done to boost my confidence and self appreciation. Don't misunderstand. The program is all about “portion control” and “self discipline.” You have to learn to eat healthier and get up, get out and do some exercise. This program works, and I would recommend it. I have recommended it to anyone and everyone!

Thanks MPowered!


Lori Deremer


Weight Loss: 18 lbs in 2 months


I'm still doing the program but love my results, so far. I haven't lost a lot of weight really fast, but I'm averaging 2 to 3 lbs. a week, which is better than too much so I'm not too prone to gain it back. I love the energy I get. I worked 11 hour days and by the end of my shift, I used to be very tired. But now I'm not and I am able to go to the gym and have a great workout. I recommend this to anyone who is truly dedicated to workout daily and avoid fast food. Be prepared to drink lots of water because it does make you very thirsty.


Ben Eagle


Weight Loss: 18 lbs. in 4 months


This program really helped give me the motivation and energy to lose weight and feel better about myself. Two years ago, I herniated a disc in my back and lived in pain every day. As I took the Lipoplex shots and began to lose weight, all the pain went away. I would highly recommend this program.


Tracey Sieber


Weight Loss: 18 lbs. in 3 months


This was an inspiring program. I learned what foods were good that I was eating and what foods were not good. I was eating a lot of the wrong things, and I did not know they were so unhealthy. This program has taught me how to exercise and keep myself motivated to exercise. It was not easy to keep up with at first. I had to push through. Once I saw my results as the weeks passed, my self-esteem soared, and I wanted to exercise more. My biggest and hardest struggle was junk food. I have cut back a lot on my sweets and have learned it's okay to eat them but in MODERATION! That is something that I had to learn for my food portions. My portions were triple what I should have been eating. I feel great! Exercise – Watch your portions – know what you eat.


William “Tim” Timothy Thorpe


Weight Loss: 45 lbs in 7 weeks


I would like to start off by saying this program has been a life changing and life saving factor in my life. When I first started the program, I was at 310 lbs. I was taking two pills a day for high blood pressure, and I had issues with high cholesterol and elevated sugar levels since 2000. After starting the program on June 11, 2001, I have lost a total of 45 lbs. I went back to my personal Dr. on Feb. 22, 2011 for my normal check up and blood work. I had outstanding results. My cholesterol and sugar levels were better than they have ever been since 2000, and not to mention being but back to one blood pressure pill a day along with keeping me motivated enough to start an exercise routine every day and stop being a couch potato. I look forward to my 45 minutes a day that I spend on the treadmill. I can't say enough good things about this program.


Laura F.


Weight Loss: 25 lbs. in 3 months


I had been unhappy with my weight for a long time, but no matter what I tried, I just couldn't seem to lose any significant amount of weight. Then I heard about MPowered through several co-workers who were using the program, and when I saw the success they were having, I just had to try the program myself. I started the program on November 18, 2010, and in 3 months, I have lost 25 pounds and gone down 3 clothes sizes. I am thrilled with the huge progress I've made in such a short amount of time. My goal is to lose 40 pounds total, and I'm already a little over halfway there. I have worked out faithfully everyday since starting the program and feel so much better about myself now. I was worried about having the motivation to work out daily and stay on the program, but I have stayed motivated by my progress and actually even enjoy working out now – I honestly look forward to exercising everyday! My whole lifestyle has changed for the better. I am confident that I will reach my goal. I am so much more fit that I was before and don't dread seeing myself in the mirror anymore. My family, friends and co-workers keep telling me how skinny I look now. It really makes me feel good to hear all the compliments. I can't thank MPowered enough for all the support in helping me get moving toward my weight loss goal and healthier life. This program really works!


Crystal Jenkins

Results: Lost 50 lbs. in 6-months


I'm a young mother to 2 kids, one 5-year old and one 2-month old, with a demanding job working 12-hour shifts. I head about the program from a co-worker who was having great success. I made the decision to schedule an appointment, which was one of the best decisions I've made. Since starting the program, I've lost 50 lbs. in 6-months. I've gained energy and self-confidence. The program also helped me get focused on working out and I've learned to make it a routine part of my life. Also, I used to love fast food, but this program helped kick the habit. I have more of this journey to complete, but I'm very excited and optimistic. I look forward to losing another 50-lbs.


Lorraine Weatherman

Weight Loss: 35 lbs in 4 months


"This process was great. I exercise every day and love it. I feel guilty if I miss a day. I changed my eating habits also. I eat better now. Still have the occasional sweets. I have tried other diets and this has been the best and actually show results."


Chastity Haynes

Weight Loss: 30 lbs in 10 months


"I learned about the weight management program through a co-worker. I saw how well she was doing and I decided to make an appointment. I'm so glad I did. Not only have I lost weight, but I have been able to keep it off. The program has taught me how to exercise properly. I have learned that I don't need to give up my favorite foods. I just need to minimize the portions.


All my friends, family and co-workers have noticed how well this program works and it has influenced them to make an appointment and make the change. My advice to everyone is never give up. The most important thing is to exercise every day. I have not met one person yet that has failed the weight management program. It is definitely a life changing experience."









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ashley-before ashley-after







What a differance your program has made in my life! I can see for the first time ever how people become "addicted to exercise!" I am a 46 year old woman who had trouble walking a flight of stairs due to arthritis. Now, I walk 2.5 miles every morning and it isn't just making me healthier- it's making me happier too! At the end of this month my family and I will complete our first 5K! I am having less pain and feel like a new woman! Thank you!