Weight Loss Patch


Want to lose those pesky 5 lbs? Want to make your “skinny” jeans your regular jeans? The newest claim is a weight loss patch for quick and effortless weight loss. Then get Skinny with the New Pink Patch!


For more than 30 years, there have been adhesive trans-dermal patches that contain a specified dosage of medication affixed to the skin for the easy and accurate delivery of prescription medicines. The first patch, made available in 1979, was for motion sickness. Today, patches are widely used, most still by prescription, for contraception, smoking cessation, and pain relief, among other things. Even nitroglycerin for the treatment of angina can be delivered transdermally. The newest, and one of the most controversial, is commonly referred to as “The Pink Patch,” a weight loss patch. Its website lists several key active ingredients including, but not limited to 5-HTP, Fucus Versiculosus (a type of seaweed), yerba mate, and lecithin.


Some of the claims of this weight loss patch, among others are:


  • It contains a natural mood enhancer and helps to curb the appetite.

  • It reduces excess weight and increases the metabolism.

  • Aids your body in breaking down fats and cholesterol and helps distribute body weight — no more disproportion!

  • It boosts the immune system and is good for your heart because it lowers cholesterol levels.


What this weight loss patch, and others, fail to mention, is that diet and exercise can also deliver the same results, but much more safely and with a longer residual effect.


5-HTP is said to have some effects on mood, but so does exercise. Exercise releases endorphins and serotonin, which are natural neuro-chemicals that elevate your mood. There have been mixed reviews about whether 5-HTP is linked to weight loss, but there is a definite correlation between exercise and weight loss. Exercise raises the metabolism and helps burn fat. Why waste your time and money on a weight loss patch and not see the results you desire?


The weight loss patch also doesn’t list possible side effects, such as nausea. A healthy lifestyle consisting of a proper diet and regular exercise can strengthen the immune system. Dr. Charles A. Middelhof, a family physician and clinical psychologist and founder of the MPowered Physician Guided Weight Loss Management Program, will design a program to work with your body's physiology to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy way. He has helped more than 4,800 people change their lifestyle and has taught them how to think in different ways about nutrition, exercise and the body's physiology. Dr. Middelhof also performs a psychological assessment on patients to identigy depression or other mood issues. A a clinical psychologist, Dr. Middelhof can address these issues as part of counseling and care. That’s something you won’t get from just a weight loss patch.