Weight Loss Programs for Men


Men tend to have a different outlook on weight loss than women do. A man is most likely to choose one from a list of weight loss programs for men that will give him a more muscular appearance and make him more “fit”. Go figure – men and women are built differently, both physically and emotionally. It would seem to reason that a man and woman's view point on losing weight would not be the same. While women don’t necessarily shy away from the word “diet,” you’re not likely to hear a man pass on the nachos by saying, “no thanks, I’m on a diet.”


Weight loss programs for men are generally targeted for building muscle and making them feel stronger. Men don’t typically care about being “slimmer.” Even a single man, who is interested in dating, is more likely to concentrate on working out as a way to lose weight as opposed to cutting out sweets to cut calories. It is important to remember, however, that a man's approach is not that bad of an idea. A lifestyle change is a much more effective and healthy way to lose weight than going on a fad diet and packing the pounds back on when its over. That mind set leads to the yo-yo effect so many dieters experience.


There are a few key points for men to remember when starting any of the weight loss programs for men. First, don’t skip breakfast! Your body is already in starvation mode because you have fasted all night. Don’t put it into conservation mode by continuing to starve it. Break the fast and start your metabolism by giving your body fuel. This will jump start your energy for the day.


Move – just do it! Take the stairs, walk the last block to work, join a gym, play with your kids. Get active. It will help your heart, strengthen your muscles, and maintain the boost that you’ve given your body by healthy eating. Avoid refined carbs. There is very little nutritional value in “white” foods so why waste the calories? Men and women should avoid these and opt for healthy carbs instead, such as fruits, vegetables, brown rice and whole wheat breads and pastas.


Cut it out – cut portions in half. Weight loss programs for men often put an emphasis on protein, which is necessary for building the muscle men want. That is fine, as long as you don’t overeat. Consume proper portions at home or when eating out. You don’t need to order the largest Porterhouse steak to prove you’re a man. And if you do ask for that 18 oz Porterhouse steak, ask for a to-go box and take some home for leftovers


Dr. Charles A. Middelhof, creator of the MPowered Physician Guided Weight Loss Management Program can clear up confusion regarding weight loss programs for men and help you find a balanced, healthy way to lose weight.

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